Choosing a piece of furniture

Posted by the Country Interiors bespoke furniture team on 15th Aug 2018

Choosing a piece of furniture

Congratulations... you're looking for a piece of furniture, something which will share your home with you and hopefully improve the way you interact with your prized and much loved possessions.

Selecting and deciding on your next furniture piece should be great fun; it should involve your imagination, your heart and although not so exciting... a little bit of your brain too. The Country Interiors experience allows you to use all three of these to great effect, and really is fabulous fun - bringing a bespoke furniture design process to you at an affordable price that simply isn't possible anywhere else. To help make sure you have as much as fun as we think you should and to ensure you get the bespoke furniture you've dreamed of, this blog post will guide you through a Country Interiors story all the way to the happy ever after.

Why do I always put that there?

Good question. Questions like this are often the 'Once upon a time' of a Country Interiors story. Sometimes we organise our homes and our hundreds of possessions based on what our furniture allows us to do, rather than ensuring that our furniture fits in with what would seem natural.

At Country Interiors we encourage you to take the time to think about what you actually need for the way you live in your home, and to do it right at the start of the process. Doing this, and doing it openly and honestly, involving every member of the family - might unearth some surprising results but it will ensure that your furniture fits your world and your investment remains useful for a lifetime. For examples of furniture that has been built bespoke to fit certain requirements, you can view our customer gallery.

What do you need?

Ok, so now you have a better idea of what you need you can get it all down on paper, and go through it. It's important to write down the pieces of furniture that you require and what you plan to do with them - it gives you a chance to check, double check, and run it by other members of the family without any room for confusion or misinterpration. And after all, a plan that isn't written down is just a dream.

Will it look right?

Next you will need to pick the style of furniture you want. When selecting home furniture it is important to try and avoid trends, as these are likely to go out of fashion quickly, leading you to want to replace your furniture sooner than you would normally need to. Well designed, good quality wooden furniture is always in fashion and small design features can be added to ensure your next furniture purchase will fit in with whatever style of room you have in mind.

Wood furniture from Country Interiors is available in the painted furniture or stained furniture ranges, and both will have a very different effect on the style of your home. If you prefer stained furniture, most colours of wall will be suitable alongside the majesty solid wood. All you need to do is pick the style of furniture you like from our range and if you need to customise it.

If you prefer painted furniture, start your planning by picking (if you plan to decorate) or identifying your wall colours, which should narrow down your choices of paint colours considerably.If you are unsure of which colours will go, you can request a Farrow & Ball colour chart to see for yourself.

Will it fit?

Making sure your new furniture will fit is easier than it sounds. As well as being able to fit, you also need to be able to live with it in the space you have allocated - this means not only will it pyhysically go in the space, but when it does can you get past it, can you carry things while you walk around it and so on. A good tip here is to measure the size of furniture you have decided on and cut out some newspaper to the same size. Leave this on the floor in your chosen place for a few days and pay close attention to whehter or not this would cause you any problems or inconvenience.

Also, people often overlook the importance of ensuring your furniture can fit into your home. When you have designed or selected your furniture, take the time to measure doorways and hallways to make sure you can safely locate it when your delivery arrives!